Construction and Service of Domestic Animal Germplasm Resources Sharing Platform in CHINA


Chinese domestic animal germplasm resources sharing platform is an import part of the Platform of the National Science and Technology Infrastructures, including the port website, live reservation farms and genetic substance preservation for animal germplasm resources. In the port website, there are perfection and proving of describption standards for domestic animal germplasm resources, data standards and quality management specifications, Commonness and individuality resurce information digit integrate and publish in the website. Key metadata in the Platform of the National Science and Technology Infrastructures are updated in time in order to provide the multi channel information sharing. Based on 2875 germplasm resource information including live body, specimen and frozen semen and 62 thousand information, 546 commonness and key metedata records are published in the wensite, 474 individuality resurce information are issued, in which there are 83 of pig, 99 of poultry (44 chichens、29 ducks、26 geese)、106 of cattle (26 buffalo、69 yellow cattle、11 yak )、101 of sheep (51 sheep、50 goat)、47 of horse、13 of rabbit、4 of camel、21 of ddonkey. Apart from a few of individuality describption information, the other is publicly accessed and sharing. Animal germplasm resources are managed on grading and classification and the sharing is carried out in means of public welfare, co-operative research and etc. Meanwhile, technical training is provided for the whole society.

Time: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 11:00 to 11:30

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