Construiction of Chinese Animal Germplasm Resources Sharing Platform and Open Sharing


Chinese animal germplasm resources sharing platform is an import part of the Platform of the National Science and Technology Infrastructures , systematically collects and integrates 1085 breeds (variety,types) of animal germplasm resources across chinese animal and poultry, special economic animal industries. 42 resources discription regulation, 18 control regulation and data standards for data quality, 4 natioal standards and etc have been formulated.

According to the standards formulated above, germplasm resources for the 1085 breeds are standardized and integrated, and a perfect system of information database, animal library and sharing is built up. 182 animal germplasm resources are genetically evaluated based on the molecular level. Evaluations for 5 quality gene resources are conducted.

Conservation and sharing utilization for 5 gene resources is carried out. Animal germplasm resources are managed on grading and classification and the sharing is carried out in means of public welfare, co-operative research and etc. Meanwhile, technical training is provided for the whole society.

Time: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 11:00 to 11:30

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