Electronic Health Records Management and Preservation Framework

Author: Wo Chang

The ability to apply standard and interoperable solutions to manage and preserve electronic health records (lab test results, CT scans, physician notes, pharmacies, long-term care, etc.) and migrate, distribute, replicate, and access these records from legacy formats and platforms to advanced standard formats and operating systems are vital for clinical care and medical research.

However, management and systems interoperability for preservation, storage, and accessibility of such health data has not yet fully defined for electronic health records (EHRs). If management and preservation of clinical information are not addressed, valuable and irreplaceable information will become inaccessible, or disappear over time with disastrous consequences for patient safety, care and research value. Replacing lost data even if possible, will entail huge costs for patients, clinicians, administrators, pharmacists, and potentially, the entire country’s economy.

We are planning to have a two-track four sessions (90 minutes per session) within the CODATA conference in: (a) Clinical Modeling and (b) EHR Application/System Implementation with topics including but not limited to:

• Clinical Knowledge Modeling

• Universal Representation for Clinical Information

• EHR Management, Archival, and Preservation

• EHR System Architecture and Workflow

• Data Exchange between EHR Systems

• EHR Harmonization

• EHR Format Migration Strategy

• EHR DICOM and Multimedia Management

• EHR/PHR Mobile Application

• EHR Systems for Clinical Research

• EHR Security and Access Control

• EHR Safety and Usability

• EHR Metadata and Ontologies

• EHR Semantic Interoperability

• EHR Query Language

• Web Services to EHR Repositories

Category: Session Proposal
Section: E4 - e-Health (II)-Panel
Time: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 14:00 to 15:30

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