Filling the medical geoinformation system of Russia


During last years all over the world and in Russia the considerable attention is given to the influence of climatic changes to the human health and the life interval. We assumes the creation of a system of quantitative criteria that would represent the simultaneous climate changes, the changes of natural factors and the changes of life and health levels of the population. The medico-geographical information nets (MGINS) is a method for analyzing and collecting the information on the dynamical processes going on in the noosphere. Geographical information nets (GIN) are the systems providing collection, storage, treatment and spreading the spatial data that can serve for obtaining a new information and knowledge on spatially coordinated phenomena. The GIN technologies combine the traditional operations with the data bases and possess the advantages of full-fledged visual presentation and spatial analysis. At present time there exist the successful examples of creating MGINS for some regions of Russia. Meanwhile, the attempts have not practically undertaken to create a global MGINS of Russia that would include climatic, ecological, natural and medicogeographical data. This work aims at creating the MGINS of Russia overlapping the whole territory of the country under the conditions of the climatic and ecological changes. The MGINS is composed on the basis of the information collected by the institutes of RAS, RAMS, Ministry of health and social development and Russian Meteorological Agency on the dynamics of the climate changes, the spatial and temporal changes in the states of ecosystems, risks of deceases and mortality of the population. The presentation is reporting on regional maps of the climate changes, of anthropogenic pollutions of the atmosphere, water and soils, the data on the economical developments and the distribution of risks of deceases of population.

Time: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 11:00 to 11:30

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