Hosting the International Programme Office of ICSU-World Data System in Japan


Scientific data is growing in size explosively, is becoming
heterogeneous in nature, and is being required to involve
multidisciplinary interactions together with general society. In the
situation that various questions surrounding scientific data activity
have been arose for data collection, data curation, data citation, long
term preservation, barriers of multidisciplinary data fusion, etc., a
database construction and maintenance work in each institute or
organization has become more active. At the same time discussions to
make interdisciplinary cooperation or fusion between databases,
organizations, and data systems are strongly required. International
unions, programmes, and bodies such as IUGG, IPY, IRDR, GEOSS, etc.,
have been launching their own data activities and/or are showing the
interest in data issues separately, but they are now discussing or
approaching collaboration with related activities. A new programme, ICSU
World Data System (WDS), was launched in 2008, where one of the most
important goals is to realize ”system of data systems”. In October
2010 ICSU decided to establish its international programme office (IPO)
in Japan. NICT, or National Institute of Information And Communications
Technology, Japan, was selected as its host institute. WDS scientific
committee (SC) is the brain of WDS programme, and IPO is a focal point
of the programme activity and the core of implementation, while the host
institute is to privide the environment for IPO which has to work
internationally in the nation or region.

Time: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 11:00 to 11:30

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