The Human Security Index: Adapting the Environmental Performance Index and other Indicators into a Composite Environmental Fabric Index


Intended for session: Environmental Performance Indicators in the Asian Context The Human Security Index is a R&D effort on design, formulation, communication, understanding and use of a indicator on well-being vs. vulnerability of people – at national to community scales. The global HSI covers 232 socio-economies. Currently among Asian socio-economies, Taiwan (global rank #20) leads, while Afghanistan (global rank #231) trails. Sub-national HSIs are in design or prototype for the USA (for 3143 counties) and for some Asian countries. Formulated on a framework of Economic, Environmental, and Social Fabric Indices, the HSI uses (and greatly appreciates efforts which produce) citable data and composite indicators, preferably those which are readily accessible to anyone on the Web. The HSI's Environmental Fabric Index uses the Environmental Performance Index, the Environmental Vulnerability Index, greenhouse gas emission and population change rates. Currently, estimates are made to fill gaps in coverage in several input indicators. Near-future plans include disaggregating the Environmental Performance and Vulnerability Indices, in an attempt to better understand their relationships with the composite Environmental Fabric Index, and Asian regional well-being in general. Issues surrounding such usage, including estimation methods; harmonizing between east-west, north-south and left-right socio-political sensitivities; and the pursuit of increased perceptiveness of indicators, will be discussed. [did not present]

Category: Oral Presentation
Time: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 11:00 to 12:30

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