Interoperability of Information Services Design for Scientific Comunity through the Development of Three-dimensional Book System Framework for Information Dissemination


Free Open Source Software (FOSS) is one effective solution to address the problem of getting/using legal software. FOSS can be obtained by adopting and implementing FOSS which is already available publicly, or to develop it.

In the development that relies on the national power, the easiness in the development of FOSS needs to be made by utilizing the available FOSS developers. The development of an electronic book system with three-dimensional format is currently necessary in order to further optimize the dissemination process of scientific papers as the results of researches and local content in the community, so they can be used optimally.

In connection with these demands the Research of the Development of Three-dimensional Book Database Framework has been carried out, aiming to develop an electronic book system with three-dimensional format integrated with a variety of formats, so it can easily be accessed from wherever and with whatever media (computers, notebooks, mobile phones, IPAD, and others).This research has produced a three-dimensional book database framework that can be applied in research institutions, libraries and universities.

As a prototype, this three-dimensional book system has been implemented on LIPI website with the main content of books and research results produced by researchers at LIPI, books purchased from Science Direct database for limited access in the library of PDII, and the library of Pekalongan city for the management of local content in Pekalongan.

In this research a series of research activities were conducted to build an application framework in the form of three-dimensional book system developed continuously, particularly to support e-Government and e-Business. More specifically, the framework developed leads to interoperability problems of frameworks that have been implemented either by PDII LIPI or other institutions, so that any institution which implements this system will be connected with other institutions that have the same framework so as to increase the accessibility of the content of each institution.

Category: Oral Presentation
Time: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 16:00 to 17:30

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