The Materials Genome Initiative: A U.S. Federal Interagency Effort


The U.S. White House Office of Science & Technology Policy recently launched the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI), an interagency effort led by NIST, NSF, DOE, and DOD. The primary goal of the MGI is to accelerate the design and development of new materials in order to reduce the time and cost it takes to bring new, improved products to the marketplace.

To achieve this goal, the creation of a new, highly capable Materials Innovation Infrastructure (MII) will leverage and integrate advances in materials modeling, computing and communications with existing experimentally-based approaches for researchers, engineers, and product developers. A substantial challenge to achieving this integration is the management and dissemination of digital materials data.

This presentation will provide an overview of the 14-15 May 2012 MGI Workshop held at the Executive Office of the White House and the recently released workshop report. Session title: Exchangeable materials data for use in industry, government and universities

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