An Open Cloud Architecture for Material Scientific Data Services


For the new challenges of “big data” management, this paper proposed an Open Cloud Architecture (OCA) based on the cloud computing technology which combined with the virtual dataspace modeling, requirements engineering research and data services behavior analysis.

  • Firstly, elaborated the theoretical concept and construction method of the virtual dataspace, and adopt the semantic mapping method and dynamic evolution mechanisms due to the “data priority, on-demand service” of virtual dataspace.
  • Secondly, researched the data services requirements, and given the theoretical model and work process.
  • Then analyze the interaction behavior of data and its services, establish the mapping between the underlying data and upper demand based on the cloud computing environment.
  • Finally, efficiently demonstrated the research value and applications meaning of OCA to manage and reuse the scientific data by the describing of application cases of materials scientific data sharing service platform.
Category: Oral Presentation

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