Opportunities and Challenges of the Task Group of PASTDC

Author: Xingfa Gu

Opportunities of developing countries with the CODATA efforts during the last decade make the Task Group of PASTDC new strategy. In order to meet the challenges, the objectives of the task group are (1) promote a deeper understanding and capacity building of the needs of developing countries with regard to long-term preservation, archiving, and permanent access to scientific and technical (S&T) data; (2) advance the development and adoption of improved S&T data archiving procedures, technologies, standards, networks and policies, with special attention to these efforts in developing countries and (3) provide an interdisciplinary forum and mechanisms for exchanging information about S&T data archiving requirements and activities, with particular focus on the concerns and needs of developing countries. Publish and disseminate broadly the results of these efforts. The TG will focus its efforts on the following specific actions during the next two years from 2012-2014: (1) international training and showcase workshops for advancing capacity building in developing countries. The action will continue to cooperate with the Global Change Study Network in Pacific- Asia Region (APN), the Science Council of Asia (SCA), It will also develop joint action with the International Risk and Disaster Research (IRDR/ICSU) on remote sensing applications in environment in developing countries; (2) develop showcase and best practices system including digital geo museum, Chinese plant species information system, cases of global change studies, and a few cases related to the ecosystems and disaster mitigation. This action will adopt the hand in hand methodology to cooperate with the International Geographical Union (IGU), DIVERSTAS and the task group network; and (3) provide consultation to decision makers on reducing digital divide. This action will be implemented within the frameworks of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and the Global Alliance for ICT and Development, United Nations (UN GAID). The task  group will break into two sub-groups to carry out the above  tasks; they are policy and  capacity  building sub-group (PCBS), and show cases and best practices system sub-group (SCBS).

Category: Oral Presentation
Time: Monday, October 29, 2012 - 17:00 to 18:30

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