Practices and Cases of Preservation of and Access to Scientific Data in Developing Countires

Author: Xingfa Gu

The CODATA Task Group on Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in Developing Countries (PASTDC) focused its efforts on capacity building in developing countires during the last two years. This session is proposed to have two parts:

1. Part I: Workshop

The workshop will have five presentations or cases which will demonstrate the progress of preservation of and access to scientific data in developing countries from policy and strategy into practices. An overview of 10 years experiences of the PASTDC will be presented. The cases from China, Mongolia, South African, and APN-CODATA PASTDC joint action in Tibet will be the presented at the workshop. The workshop will show the progress and new challenges of scientific data management in developing countries.

Part II: Roundtable Discussion
After welcome new natinal member from Mongolia, the roundtable discussion will focus on the following topics: (1) Policy and Strategy on Open Knowledge Environment in Developing Countries and What the Task Group on PASTDC should do during next two years; (2) Best practices and show cases network and system in developing countries; (3) Capacity building of scientific data management in developing countries; and (4) Action Plan for the CODATA TG PASTDC 2013 – International Workshop on Open Access Scientific Data and Information for World Heritage Preservation and Sustainable Development, Kenya, 2013. Based on the roundtable discussions, science and implementation plan of the CODATA Task Group on PASTDC from 2012-2014 will be finalized.

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