Roundtable Discussions of the Task Group on Preservation of and Access to Science ad Technical Data in Developing Countries (PASTDC)


I5-1: Present Certificates to Contributors to the Digital Lin Chao Geomusuem

There are more than one hundred individual contributors to help the Digital Lin Chao Geomuseum, one of the joint effort among the IGU (International Geographical Union), CODATA and GSC (Geographical Society of China) during the last year. In which around 20% are from CODATA. On behalf of  Geographical Society of China, Prof. Liu Chuang, Director of the Executive Committee of the Digital Lin Chao Geomuseum, will present the certificates to each of the contributors for recognizing and recording their contributions. 
15-2: Roundtable discussions on
(1)  welcome new members from Mongolia,
(2)  task group workshop in 2013 on  International  Workshop of Capacity Building of Space Data Management and Applications for Agriculture and Ecosystems in Developing Countries; 
(3)  show cases of scientific data management and  applications in developing  counties
I5-3: Other issues
  • "Who has what kind of resoources to share?"
  • gap between scientists and decision-makers
Category: Remark
Time: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 13:30 to 15:00

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