Special Session on Critical Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Preparedness and Response


In recent years, we have witnessed tremendous progresses in development and deployment of information systems to support disaster management operations; standards and tools to enable interoperability of diverse sensors, sensor networks and web services; and open platform for emergency networks and message format standards for authenticating and routing standard-based alert messages from authorized senders to all types of emergency alert systems via all communication pathways. Despite these advances, current disaster management information systems are not as effective as they should be for managing calamitous events of unforeseen sizes and severity. Their common limitations include that the systems cannot make good use of all information sources, including data and information owned by businesses, communities, and so on during emergencies; do not exploit synergistically information from networks of things and crowd of people; are not sufficiently agile in response to changes in disaster situation; and do not make effective use of early warnings to enhance preparedness.
The theme of this proposed special session is on critical information and communication technologies needed to advance the state of the art in disaster management information systems. There will be six presentations on architecture, methodologies, and tools that form the foundation of a framework for building disaster management information systems free of the above mentioned limitations.

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