World Data System – An Information Infrastructure for Interdisciplinary Research


According to conclusions of the authoritative international organizations, like UN, WHO, International Living and others, in the beginning of the XXI-st century the mankind has faced a number of global challenges.

Among them: the energy crisis, consisting in fast exhaustion of hydro carbonic power resources; Environmental Problems; Global Diseases; Growing Biocapacity/Consumption Misbalance; Information Boom. Efforts of many World scientific centers, the international scientific societies and outstanding scientists more and more concentrate on overcoming these challenges.

The attention of ICSU to the decision of these problems also increases. The complexity of problems associated with decision-making in the field of sustainable development, defined by a high degree of uncertainty of many processes, particularly biological and environmental. This determines the need for interdisciplinary research, for which the characteristic features such as the ill structuring of the studied problems, large scale studies need to use data of different nature.

Success depends on interdisciplinary research to address data collection, data processing, data analysis and data integration, data reconciliation of different nature, efficient data mining and the use of mixed models based on expert judgment and objective measurements. ICSU WDS can provide flexible and scalable cross-platform open source-based architecture, centralized data & services registry, tools for easy integration with existing systems (using SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, etc.), single resources access point, easily creation and customization UI based on existing services and common approach for acquiring data from various data sources that been includes in common infrastructure of scientific data and tools for multidisciplinary research.

The paper also contains a review of methods of data reconciliation of different nature, the use of data mining to solve different problems at different stages of data life-cycle and mixed expert-statistical methods for analysis of sustainable development performed by WDC-Ukraine and based on the resources of the WDS data.

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